What Does an IT Support services Experts Specialist Do? And How To Become One

An IT support services specialist is a highly-skilled professional with a strong background in computers and software. If you’re a problem solver with advanced computer skills, you may want to consider a career in this in-demand field. In this article, we explain what IT support specialists do and how to become one.

What is an IT support specialist?

An IT support specialist troubleshoots computer issues and provides guidance to users. Those in this role are responsible for helping users with any technical challenges they may experience. If you plan to enter this field, you need to have strong communication skills and knowledge of common computer systems. It’s your job to find solutions to the various IT problems clients or customers may experience.

What are the daily tasks of an IT support specialist?

The IT support specialist is a high-demand position primarily because their function is crucial to the successful daily operations of most businesses. An IT support specialist can expect to perform the following tasks:

  • Assist users in troubleshooting common computer issues or concerns

  • Reply to requests for information technology services, repairs, support, inquires or complaints

  • Refer user messages or calls to the appropriate IT personnel

  • Use a computer tracking system to manage new tickets

  • Make recommendations to improve computer systems

  • Provide documentation for customer support inquiries and resolutions

  • Upgrade and manage systems to ensure they are operating effectively and efficiently

  • Implement new business and productivity software

  • Train staff on new software, systems and best practices

  • Maintain and back up security databases

    The average salary for IT support specialists

    The national average salary for a support specialist is $43,905 per year as recorded on Indeed Salaries, where salary information is frequently updated. Salary can vary by industry, geographic location, education level and experience. For the most up-to-date information from Indeed, please click on the salary link above.


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