Tips For Students To Write The Best Answers In Exams

Tips For Students To Write The Best Answers In Exams

Who doesn’t wish to bag lofty marks in exams? Everyone, right? And, how can you achieve that feat? Of course, by writing an impressive answer and fetching hefty marks, in the process. Now, that is the area where most of the students stumble. A common problem faced by a majority of the students is that they lack the knowledge as to what is the precise format to write an answer.

Reading copious history, geography or physics notes and memorising them by heart is surely going to aid you in your exam. But, guess what? Just understanding things and memorising don’t work wonders. There are certain ground rules that you ought to follow to produce the best answers to the given questions in your exams. So yes, the syntax matters!

Since the core assessment in every field of life is done based on the marks an individual has scored in the exams, storing handsome marks in your kitty definitely seems to be a fantastic proposition.

Keep reading this article to know about a plethora of tips and tricks that can enhance the quality of your answers and thus aid you score well in internal written assessments and final exams.

Tip #1: Try To Understand What The Possible Expectations Of Your Examiner Are Going To Be

While writing a response to a given question, make sure that you spend time analysing what can be your teacher’s expectations from you. In short, try to interpret what the evaluator may hope to come across in your answer sheet. No matter what perspective you are adding to your answer, make sure to substantiate your answer with appropriate arguments and logic behind mentioning a certain point.

At the time of attending regular classes via the online teaching app make it a point to note down what your educator says about a specific question. In that way, you will know what all points are expected of you to be mentioned in the answer. Think from the perspective of the examiner, and things will be alright!

Tip #2: Give Your Answer A Proper Structure

An answer without a proper structure is just like a building, with a narrow base, that may topple anytime. Avoid messing up the contents of your answer by not structuring the answer in the structure of the proper format. Presentation is a vital aspect of the answer-writing activity. So, don’t miss out on this! Make sure you have added a well-demarcated introduction, body and conclusion to every answer you write. In that way, your chances of getting good marks in an answer will increase.

Tip #3: Make Sure To Write Crisp & ‘To The Point’ Answers

You may lose marks if you keep beating about the bush and evade the main point of the answer. Analyse the question. Interpret it and find what sense it makes to you. Accordingly, try to find out what the question seeks as an answer. Then, write down the answers by keeping them crisp and ‘to the point.’ Being specific is a must while writing answers. If you are asked to write the definition of a term or phenomenon, write only that. There is no need to mention the causes and effects of that topic if the question only asks for the definition. Keep things short and sweet, and yes, to the point!

Tip #4: Use Apt Headings & Sub-Headings

Using heads and sub-headings gives a great presentable look to your answer. By organising your written matter properly under appropriate headings and sub-headings, you make things easier for your examiner. When you write an impressive, well-presented answer with headings and sub-headings, you actually increase your chances of securing awesome marks in your exams. Isn’t that going to be fantastic for you?


Follow this four-point strategy and secure awesome marks in your exam. You are sure to rock your upcoming exams by writing the best answers. So, start preparing and study hard! All the best, champ! You can do it!


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