The Costa Mushroom Farm for quality

The Costa Mushroom Farm for quality

Our Teams Mushroom farm

The Costa Mushroom group is energetic with regards to developing hands down the best quality mushrooms. Our painstakingly overseen crops are tended by a group of profoundly talented and serious cultivators that remember your adoration for mushrooms. We know being very much developed.

Our group at Mushrooms cooperates to observe ways of continuing to create mushrooms that are new, reasonable and nutritious while setting the norm in maintainable business cultivating. It’s all essential for sharing good food on a scale that is adequately enormous to feed Australia.

The Mushroom Category gives work to in excess of 1200 individuals from numerous different foundations, in different kinds of occupations across a scope of wide and particular fields. Enveloping jobs across tasks in developing, dispersion, warehousing, support, gathering yields to general hands, forklift drivers and hands on administrative jobs. A few chances emerge in administration, deals, HR, security and money across the year. We are consistently glad to hear from likely representatives.

Our Facilities

With full responsibility for ranches, we hold full control of the whole developing cycle and conveyance and can unquestionably convey to the freshest, best expectations. Our completely in an upward direction incorporated ranches are situated around the country which empowers us to control every one of the cycles. This implies we can supply ranch new quality mushrooms inside 24 hours of gather, ensuring admittance to new, quality mushrooms 52 weeks of the year.

Our Products

Costa grows a wealth of white and earthy colored Agaricus mushrooms with the white Agaricus being the most ordinarily developed mushroom in Australia. Costa grows a select assortment of earthy colored mushrooms, and we are the biggest provider in Australia.

Costa develops button, cup and level mushrooms in both brown and white assortments, all reaped at various phases of the developing cycle. We supply both free mushrooms for self-select and pre-bundled mushrooms in entire or pre-cut punnets for quality and comfort.

White mushrooms are inconspicuous in flavor, making them a well known and flexible expansion to numerous suppers from morning to night. Earthy colored mushrooms have a more extravagant, earthier character, being firm and hearty, and with less dampness content, they have a thick, substantial surface. They hold their shape better when cooked and add an excellent rural shading to numerous suppers.

The Mushroom Category has offices the nation over remembering areas for Mernda, Victoria; Monarto, south Australia; and Casuarina, Western Australia.

Where we develop

Need to find out about where we develop? Investigate our Harvest Trail and Locations or get in touch with us.

Our Community

The Mushroom Category is focused on supporting local area tries. In the regions encompassing its different offices the Category supports various nearby brandishing clubs, schools, local gatherings, various board and different local area unique occasions. It is additionally an incredible ally of re-vegetation and protection endeavors pertinent to the encompasses of its fertilizer and mushroom ranches, working intimately with nearby boards and Land Management Groups.

Our Brands

Inside the mushroom farm Category, our arrangement of brands incorporates Costa Mushrooms and Adelaide Mushrooms. These brands are inseparable from quality and are grounded in the Australian market.


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