25th island of greece to visit

25th island of greece to visit

Want to explore the Greek islands? Here’s a list of the best islands in 25th island of greece and a brief introduction to each island along.


Paros is situated in the Cyclades and it’s known for its sea shores and customary towns, including the beautiful fishing town, Naoussa. An exquisite objective can be handily joined with neighboring Mykonos and Santorini, or Naxos.

I suggest remaining in Naoussa, where you can book customary Cycladic houses and walk around the old harbor and limited rear entryways that are fixed with shops and comfortable cafés. Try not to miss to make a roadtrip to Lefkes town, which is extremely pleasant and beguiling.

Paros can be reached by ship from Piraeus (Athens) just as Mykonos, Santorini and other close by islands. There are additionally ordinary departures from Athens International Airport.


Skiathos is a long-term top pick for explorers who return to Greece a seemingly endless amount of a large number of years. It’s situated in the Sporades, north of Athens and the island is particularly celebrated for its sandy sea shores and being the recording area of Mamma Mia.

There are in excess of 60 sea shores in Skiathos, including the notable Lalaria Beach and Koukounaries, which has been named as perhaps the best ocean side in Greece. Besides, it’s a rich island with wonderful strolls that offer emotional settings and perspectives.

Skiathos Town is the spot to be for food and nightlife. There are non-stop trips to Skiathos from Italy, Germany, Austria, and the UK just as from Athens. Ships are likewise working among Volos and Skiathos by Hellenic Seaways and the Aegean Flying Dolphins.


Skopelos is the adjoining island of Skiathos, which became popular after the achievement of the Mamma Mia motion pictures. The vast majority of the outside scenes were shot on Skopelos and it addresses “Kalokairi” in the film. This is likewise where you can track down the lovely church of Agios Ioannis, which remains on top of the stone that can be reached by means of steps.

So, Skopelos is definitely worth visiting all alone and it’s a beautiful little island in the Sporades. Skopelos Town is exceptionally enchanting and pleasant, actually like the town of Glossa. Regardless of an expansion in the travel industry, the island has kept its realness.

There is no air terminal on Skopelos, and it must be reached by boat. Another choice is to take a transport from Athens to Agios Konstantinos where you can take an immediate ship or sailboat to Skopelos.


Ikaria is one of the most fascinating islands with regards to Greece, not due to whitewashed houses with blue entryways and windows, however because of the neighborhood way of life. The island is essential for what is known as a Blue Zone, which implies that the normal life expectancy is altogether longer than in many puts on Earth.

There are just five spots on the planet that are perceived as Blue Zones where there are a larger number of centenarians than somewhere else. A nearby saying is that Ikarians neglect to kick the bucket, and the key to their life span is supposed to be the accompanying variables: Minimal utilization of medication, Mediterranean eating regimen, late morning rest, great state of being, sexual action, solid family and social ties just as a casual speed of day to day existence.

Ikarians are more joyful and less focused than others overall and visiting the island of Ikaria may give you some motivation to carry on with a better life. And keeping in mind that you’re busy, you can partake in the lovely sea shores of Ikaria and simply appreciate Greek neighborliness.


Zakynthos used to be known as a party objective for youthful Brits, yet as of late, the island has rebranded itself. While Lagana actually has a few bars open and an enthusiastic nightlife, there is something else entirely to Zante.

The Shipwreck ocean side is maybe the most renowned ocean side in Zakynthos, known for its sensational bluffs and ravishing perspectives. The island is additionally known for its populace of Loggerhead turtles that you can periodically swim with while going on a boat trip.


I found Sifnos as of late myself, and it’s a Cycladic island that merits more consideration. It’s just stunning with excellent strolls, beautiful old towns, and one of the most incredible store lodgings in Greece, Verina Astra.

The island of Sifnos is likewise known for its food, and there are a few nearby plans and eminent cafés that shouldn’t be missed. To Meraki tou Manoli, Kelari, Absinthe, and Drimoni are the absolute best eateries on Sifnos.

Sifnos must be reached by ship since there is no air terminal on the island. There are every day ships from Piraeus (Athens) just as adjacent islands in the Cyclades. Try not to miss to visit the old town of Kastro, the old fishing town of Heronissos and the principle town Apollonia.


Milos is one more delightful island in the Cyclades, loaded up with history, pleasant coastline towns, and sensational scenes. As of late, the island and particularly Sarakiniko ocean side has been highlighted by the absolute best travel Instagrammers on many occasions, which has prompted an increment of vacationers coming here for the camera-ready spots.

Mandrakia, Firopotamos, Klima, and Plaka are probably the most beguiling towns that you should visit. Besides, Milos has probably the most lovely sea shores in the Cyclades. Try not to miss Sarakiniko, Agia Kyriaki, Firiplaka, and Tsigrado ocean side.

There are no global trips to Milos, yet there are every day takeoffs from Athens. The air terminal is found simply a short ride from the harbor town of Adamas. Another choice is to take a ship from Piraeus (Athens) or one of the other close by islands.


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