Career in Basic Industries

Career in Basic Industries


There is always been a discussion on this topic i.e. “Is basic industries have good career path?” We can easily observe there are bundle of opportunities available to work. Basic industries offer handsome salary packages. It is not necessary to be diploma or degree holder. It is because there is always high demand of human resource in basic industries. It is skill based field. Anyone who has relevant skills and talent can easily get job in basic industries. We would appreciate your comments regarding this topic. So, please share your comments.

Some people believe this industry not worthwhile as others. Similarly, there are different opinions about basic industries. On the other hand, many people get their livelihood from these basic industries. They have defined basic industries as:-

The term “basic industries” means “a type of industry that produces materials that are supplied to other industries,

and which is important in a country’s economy.” Examples of basic industries are mining, oil, and gas.

On the bases of this definition, let’s have detailed discussion on “does basic industry provide a good career path?” Before diving into details, let’s share following different types of basic industries:-

  1. Extractive industries
  2. Metallurgical industries
  3. Chemical industries

Extractive Industries

Mining industry

This industry extracts different natural minerals from the land. We obtain these minerals directly from soil. We have two more types of mining produces. These are metallic and non-metallic. Of first type, we use the output in making of industrial products. The examples are Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead. On the other hand, second type output, we use in construction materials etc. The examples are Granite, Marble, Clay, Esmeralda and Sapphire.

Oil Industry, one among the top basic industries

Nature has blessed different parts of lands with different natural resources. For instances, some are oil rich countries like gulf countries. And some countries have precious metals, gems & stones etc. But in oil & gas industries, there are more job openings than other production sectors. Schlumberger is among the largest oil drilling companies with revenue $32.8bn. 

Timber and paper industry

As clear from its name, it relates to the process of wood. This process starts from plantation and ends up with transformation of wood into different products. The examples of the products are furniture, paper and home etc. The examples are Cellulose and construction related goods. It is now easy to understand the importance of basic industry as career path. 

Different examples of basic industries

For millions of people, these basic industries provide jobs. There are short term and longs jobs and contracts in basic industries field. Different instances of basic industries are agriculture, construction, digging, oil industry and many more. Agriculture is the universal industry. Almost every country produces different agriculture products. Similarly nature also has blessed this world with different natural resources.

For instance, oil, gas, minerals, gems and so on. So, all these resources come within basic industries. In fact, these are very basic. This is why, survival without these industries are impossible. So, without effective management and accounting standards, the large industries cannot run. Ultimately, it requires Human Resource to manage all the system. Therefore, we can suggest a basic industry offers career path.

Metallurgical Industry

After abstracting metals from soil, we further obtain metallic mineral in this field. The output of this industry is used in production of different goods. We get these metallic minerals by employing our labor. Thus, this industry provides job opportunities at a large level. This basic industry provides good career path to the employees. Examples of this industry outputs are: – Tin plates, Copper, Zinc alloys, Aluminum sheets etc.

Chemical industries

Chemical industry converts the raw material into different products. These products are necessary to produce for other different industries. Gases and chemical solutions are developed. Similarly, this industry also produces final products for end consumers. The examples of this industry are methanol, Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid and many others. Thus, we can easily conclude that these basic industries are offering different jobs at different levels.

Beauty products, as basic industry

Another basic industry is “beauty products” industry. There are different concepts and thoughts about this industry. Some of them don’t consider it as industry but arrogance. Contrary to this, this industry has adjusted millions of people in it. This is why we count this industry in basic industries. 

Information Technology

Some people believe that the world would be a darker place if computers didn’t exist. Many people benefit from computers because they enable them to create a vast world of possibilities. Computer jobs are scarce and in high demand. There are a number of government agencies in charge of hiring people to work in this field.

When it comes to finishing your education and earning your degree, computer programs are required. These are high-paying jobs. This is a career that anyone can get into because there are so many options. Jobs are available in a variety of companies. There is a job for almost everyone, from small businesses to large corporations.


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